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Counting Scale - 3 kg / 0.05 g - battery 80 hrs

Item: EX10030498 | Model: SBS-ZW-30005

  • Precise—with a weighing range from 0.2 g to 3 kg, even small quantities can be determined with an accuracy of 0.05 g
  • Upgradeable—easy connection to a computer via RS232 interface
  • Clear—3 LCD displays with background lighting and large digits
  • Robust—sturdy ABS plastic housing with easy-care stainless steel weighing platform
  • Balanced—integrated spirit level and height-adjustable feet ensure optimum alignment of the scale

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Guaranteed high precision and accuracy to ensure precise measurements for various materials and products.


An industrial scale with the appropriate capacity to accommodate the heaviest items you need to weigh.


Built to withstand demanding environments and heavy use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Product information

Clear and accurate counting scale with 3 LCD displays

The counting scale enables you to determine quantity by means of weight—whether you're counting screws, candies, or other piece goods that you trade or handle on a day-to-day basis. Due to the high measuring accuracy, even small goods can be determined in large quantities—be it in industrial production or in inventory.

The number of units is always correct with the inventory scale from Steinberg Systems

The digital counting scale is extremely precise, with an accuracy of 0.05 grams for a maximum load of 3 kilograms. The measured values for the total weight, unit weight and the number of units are clearly shown on 3 LCD displays located just below the weighing platform. The displays' 18.75 millimetre-high digits are clearly readable. The clearly-designed control panel is easy to use. All of the basic functions such as tare or add can be selected directly. You can connect the piece counting scale to a computer using the RS232 interface. The weighing surface is made of robust, low-maintenance stainless steel and measures 22.8 x 28 centimetres, providing plenty of space for goods of different sizes. The non-slip and height-adjustable feet ensure stable and level footing. An integrated spirit level allows you to check whether the scale is horizontally level before weighing. The scale's display is powered by a battery, making it also suitable for mobile use. The display has an incredible battery life of up to 80 hours. A low battery warning appears on the display when the battery needs recharging. The scales are constructed from high-quality materials for maximum durability and quality. The housing of the display is made of sturdy ABS plastic, while the weighing platform is made of resilient stainless steel. This scale has not been officially calibrated and therefore may only be used as a counting scale or for your own internal work processes.

  • Model


  • Material, housing

    ABS plastic

  • Material, weighing platform

    Material, weighing platform

  • Colour

    Silver / white

  • Power supply, adaptor

    9 V, 500 mA

  • Battery capacity

    6 V, 4.5 Ah

  • Battery service life

    Up to 80 hrs

  • Battery charge indicator


  • Dimensions, platform

    22.8 x 28 cm

  • Measurement range

    0.2 g - 3 kg

  • Accuracy

    0.05 g

  • Accuracy class


  • Unit of weight

    g, lb

  • Integrated spirit level


  • Display type

    LCD with background lighting

  • Number of displays


  • Height, digits

    18.75 mm

  • Functions

    Tare / Zero / Count / Add

  • Overload protection


  • Operating temperature

    0 to +40 °C

  • Storage temperature

    10 to +50 °C

  • Operating / Storage humidity

    85 %

  • Length, power cable

    1.78 m

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    35 x 29 x 13 cm

  • Weight

    3.2 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    32.5 x 38.5 x 16 cm

  • Shipping weight

    4.15 kg

  • Delivery package

    Counting scale SBS-ZW-30005
    Lead-acid battery 6 V / 4.5 Ah
    Adaptor 9 V / 500 mAh
    Instruction manual

  • Technical - manual

    PDF Download

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