Lifting magnets

Lifting Magnet - 300 kg

Item: EX10030202 | Model: SBS-ML 300

  • Compact and powerful lifting magnet
  • Fast, reliable and economical
  • Low weight / Resistant to demagnetisation
  • Smooth operation / Magnetism can be switched on and off by lever operation
  • Completely without electricity / Robust and maintenance free
  • Highest safety levels due to a three times higher breakaway force / For round and flat materials

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Lifting Capacity

Impressive lifting capacity, allowing you to effortlessly handle heavy loads and materials with ease and confidence.

Magnetic Strength

Superior magnetic strength ensures a secure and stable grip, minimizing the risk of accidents or dropped loads during lifting operations.


Equipped with advanced safety features such as a reliable locking mechanism, fail-safe systems, providing peace of mind and protecting both operators and the load being lifted.

Product information

Lifting Magnet - 300 kg

The SBS ML 300 hand-operated lifting magnet / permanent lifting magnet -- 300 kg from Steinberg System is ideal for the moving and storage of almost all ferromagnetic loads, such as steel related products, for example, weights, components, scraps and plates. In addition to the convenient and easy use of the lifting magnet, no additional operating costs are incurred therefore efficiency and productivity can be increased significantly. By using a high-energy neodymium magnet, which is considered the strongest permanent magnet on Earth, the SBS ML 300 from Steinberg System is able to lift even the heaviest of loads within the range of 300 kg. Unlike forklift trucks or gripping arms, the work piece is held exclusively by magnetism, whereby the surfaces are not damaged but remain protected and secure. Once the magnet is placed upon the load which requires moving, you need only to operate the lever to activate the magnetic field. When finished, magnet can be deactivated by the same lever. Therefore transport can be transported simply, easily and safely. A specially designed safety mechanism also prevents the loosening of the actuating lever.The SBS ML 300 is a fully functioning device without the constraints and restrictions and limitations of cables, plug sockets, recharge or additional maintenance. Also the neodymium magnets are extremely robust and wear-free. Although the lifting magnet is very compact it is capable of loads of up to 300 kg, as long as the load is not affected by coatings or dirt. Safety is provided by the enormous breakaway force of 900 kg. Another advantage of using a lifting magnet is that the materials can be sorted during use into ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic parts. Only magnetic products such as auto parts, or steel scrap, are lifted. The magnetic lifter SBS ML 300 from Steinberg System is ideal for flat and also round and cylindrical objects.

  • Model

    SBS-ML 300

  • Lifting load

    300 kg

  • Maximum strength

    900 kg

  • Capacity for uneven surfaces

    100 kg

  • Colour


  • Manual lever operation


  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    20.6 x 9.4 x 9.3 cm

  • Weight

    9 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    25.5 x 18 x 22 cm

  • Shipping weight

    9.9 kg

  • Technical - manual

    PDF Download

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Lifting Magnet
300 kg


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