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Infrared Thermometer - -50 to 1,300 °C

Item: EX10030404 | Model: SBS-IR-1300-16

  • Versatile - thanks to wide measurement range of -50 °C to 1,300 °C
  • Precise measurement results - accuracy of ±2 °C (depending on temperature)
  • Easy-to-read - LCD display with background lighting
  • Laser accurate - select measurement point and enjoy optimal D:S ration of 16:1
  • Emissivity can be adjusted to fit the object with a factor of 0.1 to 1
  • Energy-saving automatic shutoff after 10 seconds

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Guaranteed precision to ensure reliable data and consistent results.


Designed to handle a wide range of measurements and be adaptable to different applications or industries.


Built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

Product information

The infrared thermometer with a broad spectrum

The infrared thermometer SBS-IR-1300-16 enables you to determine the temperature of all sorts of surfaces without having to touch them. This offers enormous advantages when it comes to very hot surfaces, for example in metalworking, or very cold places, such as in cold-storage rooms. You can also use the digital infrared thermometer to determine the temperature of difficult-to-reach heat sources. This instrument is an indispensable tool for measuring temperature when performing maintenance on or manufacturing devices in a variety of fields, including in automotive shops, air conditioning maintenance, the grocery industry or other professions in which temperature plays a role. You can find more measuring equipment from Steinberg Systems at expondo!

Quick and easy temperature readings

The built-in laser allows you to control the exact spot you want to measure. The device also has an impressive D:S ratio of 16:1. You can adjust the emissivity of the object being measuring between 0.1 and 1 to increase the accuracy of the measurement. In addition to the advantages of safe, contactless temperature measurement, the digital laser thermometer stands out with a broad measurement range of -50 to 1,300 °C, making it equally suitable for very cold and very hot objects and delivering precise measurement results with a tolerated discrepancy of ±2 °C - depending on the temperature. An alarm sounds if the maximum or minimum temperature limits are exceeded.

Choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit

The measurement results are displayed on the temperature gun's easy-to-read LCD screen in less than a second and can be easily read even in the dark thanks to the background illumination. The readings displayed on the screen can be cached using the Hold function. The laser thermometer is made of high-quality components to ensure that this instrument will deliver precise measurement values even after very frequent use. Its compact dimensions and light net weight of 161 g mean that the SBS-IR-1300-16 can fit easily in any pocket. The device switches off automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity. The infrared thermometer is powered by a 9-V block battery for an exceptionally long service life.

  • Model


  • Measurement range

    -50 to +1,300 °C

  • Accuracy

    ±2 °C or ±2%

  • D:S ratio


  • Resolution

    0.1 °C

  • Units

    °C and °F

  • Emissivity

    0.1 to 1 (adjustable)

  • Reaction time

    0.5 sec

  • Diode laser

    Single point

  • Power supply

    9-V block battery (6F22) (not included)

  • Display


  • Automatic shutoff


  • Alarm function


  • Operating temperature

    0 to +40 °C

  • Operating humidity

    10 to 95 % rH non-condensing

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    18 x 11 x 5 cm

  • Weight

    0.2 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    21.5 x 13 x 5.5 cm

  • Shipping weight

    0.28 kg

  • Delivery package

    Infrared thermometer SBS-IR-1300-16
    Instruction manual

  • Technical - manual

    PDF Download

Rotary Laser
Level Ø 600 m

Metal Detector
detection depth 24 cm

pH Meter with
temperature measurement


Thickness Gauge


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