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Rotary Laser Level - green - Ø 600 m - self-levelling

Item: EX10030630 | Model: SBS-RL-1000

  • Visible – very bright green laser light enables quick work
  • Large-scale – large measurement range of up to 600 m with detector
  • Precise – high levelling accuracy horizontally as well as vertically of ±20″, self-levelling at an angle up to 5°
  • Remote control – convenient handling indoors up to 30 m and outdoors up to 20 m
  • Enduring – lithium ion battery enables operating time of up to 20 h

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Guaranteed precision to ensure reliable data and consistent results.


Designed to handle a wide range of measurements and be adaptable to different applications or industries.


Built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

Product information

Precise measurement results with green laser light

The self-levelling rotary laser level SBS-RL-1000 offers everything you need for precisely aligning, marking and installing. The measuring device is also indispensable for use in interior design, on construction sites or for patterns on façades. The rotary laser level can be used indoors or outdoors without problems. The absolutely straight green laser lines remain constantly perpendicular and the cross-line laser levels itself within a few seconds. With this instrument, Steinberg Systems, your partner for industrial and measuring equipment, offers a high-quality product that delivers reliable long-term measurement results.

Versatile – ideal for dry construction, electrical installation, tiling, and interior construction

With a levelling accuracy of ±20″ both horizontally and vertically, the rotary laser level delivers precise results. The laser level is equipped with rubberised handles for secure positioning. The range in combination with a detector can be up to 600 m, whereby the green, highly visible laser light facilitates the use of the rotating laser. For optimal results, the unit is self-levelling at an angle of 5°. The rotary laser level is equipped with a clear control panel, but can also be controlled with a remote control from up to 30 m indoors and up to 20 m outdoors. Only high-quality components were used for the self-levelling rotating laser, so that this device delivers precise measurement values even after very frequent use. The rotary laser level is rated for protection class IP54 and is protected against water spray. The weatherproof unit is protected against vibrations, allowing scanning to be stopped at rotation speeds of 60, 120, 300, and 600 rpm. Directional scanning angles of 0°, 10°, 45°, 90° and 180° are available. The rotary laser level and all its accessories can be safely stored in a robust carry case. A Samsung lithium ion battery, which can power the rotary laser level for up to 20 h, is also included in delivery.

  • Material

    Plastic, rubberised handles

  • Accuracy

    Horizontal: ±20″; vertical: ±20″

  • Battery life [h]

    Up to 20

  • Colour


  • IP Protection class


  • Electricity supply

    AC adapter + battery

  • Self-levelling range [°]

    5 (Bi- directional)

  • Voltage [V]


  • Operating range [m]


  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    23.5 x 21 x 20.5 cm

  • Weight

    5.75 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    49 x 31 x 39 cm

  • Shipping weight

    6.7 kg

  • Delivery package

    Rotary laser level SBS-RL-1000
    Remote control
    Charging device
    Target level
    Lithium ion battery (Samsung)
    Instruction manual

  • Technical - manual

    PDF Download

Rotary Laser
Level Ø 600 m

Metal Detector
detection depth 24 cm

pH Meter with
temperature measurement


Thickness Gauge


Steinberg Systems Expert

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