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Laboratory Incubator - up to 70 °C - 43 L - air circulation

Item: EX10030738 | Model: SBS-LI-43

  • Precise – maintains constant temperatures of up to 70 °C with an accuracy of ± 1.5 °C as well as a timer of 0 - 9,999 min min with automatic switch-off
  • Efficient – PID control with LCD display, RS-485 interface and air circulation
  • Spacious – stainless steel interior with a capacity of 43 L
  • Airtight – inner door made of tempered glass with silicone rubber door seal, outer door made of steel is held in place with magnetic strip
  • Durable – robust casing made of cold-rolled, electrostatically coated steel

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Precise and accurate measurements to ensure reliable experimental results and data analysis.


The equipment is dependable and consistent in performance, allowing researchers to trust the results and replicate experiments.


Able to handle a wide range of experiments and research applications, providing flexibility and adaptability to different scientific needs.

Product information

The temperature is right in the laboratory incubator

Microorganisms, cell cultures and seedlings have one thing in common: They need steady temperatures in order to develop optimally in the laboratory. This is ensured by the SBS-LI-43 laboratory incubator from Steinberg Systems. With the optimal temperature control and a robust casing, it is a reliable aid in every laboratory in pharmacy, medicine, food analysis or research, which can be used easily and effectively.

The high quality laboratory incubator from Steinberg Systems

The laboratory incubator ensures optimal conditions with the help of PID programs, which can be set via the touch control panel and the LCD display can be checked. It has functions such as time and temperature setting, overtemperature protection, timer and automatic switch-off. The temperature control precisely maintains the set temperature between 5 - 70 °C for the set time of 0 - 9,999 min, which is continuously checked by sensors and automatically corrected in case of deviations. As a result, the laboratory incubator maintains temperatures with an accuracy of ± 1.5 °C. An RS-485 interface is available for connection to a computer. The temperature can be independently limited on the digital display. In addition, the unit has a sterilisation function using UV light. The door to the spacious interior is hermetically sealed with a silicone rubber seal and thus ensures minimal temperature loss during the incubation of cultures or bacteria. The two-door system offers a heat-resistant door made of tempered glass that gives you a view of the incubation progress if required. The outer door serves as a cover that is closed with magnets. The temperature is distributed very evenly in the interior via a recirculation system, so that temperature fluctuations cannot occur. For the interior lighting, you can choose between standard light or germicidal light. The interior is made of stainless steel and is therefore extremely easy to care for and insensitive to corrosion or other environmental influences. With a capacity of 43 L, the cell culture incubator is very compact and can be used in tight spaces. Because of the height-adjustable inserts, the interior can be used optimally and adapted to different samples or cultures. The casing is made of sturdy, rolled steel with an electrostatic coating, which makes the outer shell extremely durable. As a result, the lab incubator can withstand heavy loads and can be cleaned effortlessly.

  • Material

    Steel (Q235), stainless steel (SS 201), plastic (ABS), organic silicon, aluminium, rock wool

  • Capacity [l]


  • Inner dimensions [cm]

    35 x 35 x 35

  • Over temperature alarm


  • Room temperature [°C]

    5 - 70

  • Display


  • Voltage [V]


  • Power [W]


  • PID self-tuning


  • Timer


  • Temp. fluctuation [°C]

    ± 1.5

  • Timer - time range

    0 - 9,999 min

  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    52.5 x 48 x 62 cm

  • Weight

    31.3 kg

  • Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)

    59 x 56 x 78 cm

  • Shipping weight

    39.7 kg

  • Delivery package

    Laboratory Incubator SBS-LI-43
    Instruction manual


Microscope 20 to 1,280x
camera 10 MP

Rotation Mixer
15 spring clips

Evaporator 1 l

- 23 L - LCD


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